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Please fill out this form to schedule a consultation with the UNC Asian American Center regarding your research.



The UNC Asian American Center is excited to offer syllabi consultations to support the incorporation of Asian American histories and experiences into the curriculum regardless of whether the course is focused on Asian Americans. We offer this service to align with university-driven initiatives as highlighted by Strategic Objective 1.3 of the “Build Our Community Together” initiative, part of Carolina Next.  


What are syllabi consultations?  

Syllabi consultations are one-on-one workshops that provide space to develop existing syllabi or brainstorm new syllabi. Consultations are tailored to both individual instructors and individual courses; dialogue centers on instructor teaching philosophies and styles as well as the needs and focus of the course. Faculty can request a consultation at any stage in the syllabus development process.  

While many faculty teaching and learning support centers offer various types of consultations, the Asian American Center’s consultations focus on interdisciplinary integration of Asian American studies-related topics, histories, experiences, and cultures. 


What can you bring to the table?  

You can join us with a draft at any stage of the course-building process! We’re happy to start brainstorming a course with you, or you can come in with a draft syllabus. We’re here to help support you as you consider what course content and resources you might need to include Asian American histories, experiences, and topics into your existing course or a new course.  


How can you get in touch with us to get started?  

Email us at to set up a time!