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2024 Arts & Research Showcase

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month(APAHM)

Arts Festival: 2022 & 2023

Hosted on UNC’s Arts Everywhere Day, students organized two arts festival in recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.


An open call for artwork that reflects the Asian American experience was made available to the entire community and the chosen pieces were then displayed at the AAC for the public to view.


2023 APAHM Screening
Far East Deep South


Far East Deep South, a documentary about history of Chinese in the segregated South, was screened during APAHM 2023. Film makers Larissa Lam and Baldwin Chiu were virtually brought for a discussion with the audience.


2023 APAHM Pride Event

Students celebrated APAHM by highlighting Queer Asian American artists and a community-building activity and discussion.




Performing Pad Thai
Alexandra Domrongchai

Alexandra Domrongchai grew up around her family’s Thai restaurant where her love for food and cooking began. With years of experience in the restaurant industry and food culture research, she joins Food & Wine as an Editorial Fellow where in addition to supporting the editorial team, she writes about food and culture.

Alexandra graduated with highest honors with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies with a concentration on food culture. In addition to receiving the Peter C. Baxter Memorial Prize in American Studies and Plambeck Research Award, she did two fellowships that allowed her to conduct independent research on Thai America and the peculiar origins of Pad Thai. She currently works with Food & Wine.

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