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May 6, 1882

Chinese Exclusion Act

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January 1, 1878

Albert Lemuel Bunker, son of Chang Bunker, attends UNC as a student

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January 1, 1854

People v. Hall

Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans denied right to testify against white citizens. Read More
September 2, 1885

Rock Springs Massacre

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January 1, 1894

First Japanese Student at UNC

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July 7, 1898

Hawai’i Annexed by U.S.

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October 11, 1905

San Francisco Attempts to Segregate Japanese Students

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September 4, 1907

Pacific Coast Race Riots

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January 21, 1910

Angel Island in San Francisco Bay Opens

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November 13, 1922

Takao Ozawa v. United States

Supreme Court denied citizenship to Ozawa Read More