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What is the Incubator?  

Our Incubator, SEPIA, offers UNC students a space and support system to manifest the Asian American academic and community engagement projects they are most passionate about. This can look different for each group that works with the AAC; it can be a matter of helping find spaces, appropriate mentorship connections, resources and research, and access to networks to help focus and strengthen the project proposals. The AAC essentially provides support for students to start working on projects they might otherwise not have resources or guidance for; usually, this entails regular check-ins, meetings with additional units/visiting speakers, and creating a concrete plan. Ultimately, our goal is to promote growth through providing support and resources. We also offer mentorship in professional development and management of projects.


How do students take advantage of this opportunity?  

Send us an email at with the title “Incubator Interest” to set up a meeting; you can come to the meeting with as much (or as little) as you have available, and we will walk you through next steps, provide options, and offer ways to create a stronger, more concrete project.  


Why is the AAC Incubator useful?  

Incubators tend to be productive for small groups and individuals for a number of reasons; the AAC Incubator can help you more concretely and specifically plan, launch, manage, and grow your ideas.

  • First, you have a built-in space supported by the university that has an expertise in Asian American experiences and studies.
  • Second, alongside the AAC staff, we have networks across the nation to other scholars, alumni, community organizers, and artists that we can connect to deepen projects for a richer outcome.
  • Third, we offer a space in which you can enter into conversations with other like-minded students who can also serve as a support group.
  • Finally, we can offer structure and accountability to ensure you are working towards concrete goals and a specific vision for a sustainable future.