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Meet the new Associate Director of the Asian American Center Jung Min (Kevin) Kim!

* Born in South Korea. Raised in Los Angeles. Breaded and deep-fried in the South (he went to high school in Little Rock, Arkansas where his parents still live).
* He recently defended his doctoral dissertation, “Setting the Transpacific Kitchen Table: The Cultural Politics of Food in the Korean American Diaspora”, for a PhD in American Studies at the University of Maryland-College Park.
* His academic interests include food studies, material culture, and museum scholarship and his research has been featured on CNN and The Atlantic.
* Fun Facts: He was in a competitive karaoke league. He has an extensive collection of vintage restaurant cookbooks. He once won a root beer chugging competition.
* He is excited to work with the UNC community and beyond to further the AAC’s mission to cultivate a critical understanding of Asian American peoples, cultures, and histories.