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2022 Southeast Conference for Asian American Studies

August 3, 2022

Co-hosted by the Asian American Center (AAC) at UNC and the Asian American and Diaspora Studies (AADS) at Duke, the conference will bring together scholars who research and teach Asian American Studies in the U.S. Southeast. It will be the first of such gatherings in the region’s history.

After decades of student activism on both campuses, Duke’s AADS was founded in 2018, and UNC’s AAC was created in 2020. The conference will provide an opportunity to celebrate these institutional developments and to think together about the future of Asian American Studies in the region.

Featuring Dr. Sylvia Chong as the keynote speaker, the conference will allow attendees to actively engage with each other and to discuss issues related to researching, teaching, studying, and growing Asian American Studies in the U.S. South.¬† Please note that the conference takes place over two days; the keynote address on Friday will be at UNC and Saturday’s events will be at Duke.