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The AAC Campaign Team (February 2020)


The Asian American Center Campaign is a team of students dedicated to realizing the dream of an Asian American Center here on UNC’s campus. Joining with alumni and with key support from staff, faculty, and administrators, students raised awareness and funds, resulting in the swift authorization of the Center in 2020. Their work continues to support the Center’s endowment. Applications are welcomed at announced windows to join the team.


Abhishek Shankar, chair

Lynne Chen and Sara Holley, senior advisors

Preeyanka Rao and Selina Shi, co-directors of Development

Raymond Palma, Caitlin Nygren, and Brandon Torng, Development team members

Brianna Li and Luke Johnson, co-directors of Communications

Kelly Yu, Ishan Thaker, and Yueying Yu, Content Creators

Gaomomee Yang, Social Media Manager

Giselle Pagunuran, Videographer

Matthew Wang, director of Campus Engagement

Shivam Bhargava and Tulsi Patel, Campus Engagement team members

David Choi and Ezra Baeli-Wang, Alumni Engagement advisors