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The UNC Alliance brings together four key Academic and Community Engagement Centers on campus, including the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History/IAAR, the Carolina Latinx Center, the Asian American Center, and the American Indian Center. The mission of the UNC Alliance is to draw on our expertise to lead on crucial issues of equity and justice that affect our entire society today.

Our work:

  • Educate about race and ethnicity as they intersect with other key social categories and movements.
  • Cultivate cross-cultural unity and dialogue
  • Cooperate and coordinate on programs
  • Provide critical voices and individual and collective perspectives
  • Explore, analyze, and disseminate information through research, outreach and service.

We perform this important work both individually and collectively as we engage our campus and communities.

The Alliance is calling for applications for grants that may enable work such as faculty, students, and community collaboration for cross-cultural research, bring visiting scholars onto campus, and creating new shared programming.

Full grant information here. Deadline February 15, 2022