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Please click here to check the UPDATED AAC Donor Honor Roll Draft (includes responses as of June 27, 2023).

Layout and sizing is not final. If you would like your entry to be included or corrected, please be sure to fill out this form. Please email with any questions.

Asterisks represent an entry that we have drawn from last year’s responses–we marked them to draw your attention for review. Double asterisks represent a donation made through a company/foundation but a form has not yet been completed by the individual.

We are so excited to have completed our first year with a space open on campus! Your support allowed us to provide much-needed community support and education about Asian America. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity!

In 2022-23, your support helped the Asian American Center to…

Showcase dozens of guest speakers, students, staff, and faculty, including an amazing art exhibit in April. 

Host 3 AAC Fellows for public events.

Hold over 35 events, from open houses to in-depth seminars.

Collaborate with 24 centers and offices across the university, plus community partners.